Show Recap Rock on the beach

Rock on the Beach!

What kind of Saturday was that?!
Never in our wildest dreams would we have expected to have an audience that got going like this at 1:30 p.m.! 🤘🏼

Thanks to everyone who was there, everyone who wore our shirts, everyone who sang along to our songs (yes, there were a few of those!) and most of all thanks to everyone who made this possible ❤️

We are speechless, what a demolition it was, how often we were spoken to later in the festival, how many familiar and unknown faces were in front of the stage, how many people partyed with us 🤘🏼

Rock on the Beach, it was a celebration for us, we always like to come back, whether as musicians or simply fans of the bands with whom we were able to share the stages and who we already knew or were able to get to know 🤘🏼

Lords of Olympus are returning and stronger than ever, we have a few things in the pipeline but it’s still a while away before we can announce anything

Spread our name 🤘🏼

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