About us

The Greek pantheon of gods – a subject not only treated far too seldom in the current musical
cosmos, but thus also lyrically all the more productive, which not infrequently allows parallels and
allegories to our present „world of mortals“. It is precisely here that the preoccupation with the
fantastic, the otherworldly.
Starting from this fascination for mythology, the six-member band „Lords of Olympus“ was founded, whose
line-up has existed in its current constellation since the end of 2021. And so power and the struggle
for it, but also cohesion or loyalty among each other form central pillars in the band’s musical work.
Particularly interesting – the members of the band themselves dive into the role of the Greek deities
in order to create both a distinct optical identity, but rather also to incorporate the respective treated
content in their performances.

Thundering riffs, echoing sound floors of finest keys, well thought-out but also pleasantly fast-
paced drumming and a penetrating, slightly distorted bass are as much a part of a typical „LOO“ song as the adaptable lead vocals, which, one can promise, sometimes almost go to the frontman’s breaking point.
Detached from common genre-specific tendencies, the musicians from Bielefeld offer their
audience a stylistically confident as well as unique mixture of different styles of modern metal and
thus create imposance, flight of fancy and euphoria in one moment, only to literally create a
dramaturgical arc to a walk into hell or the legendary battlefields of Titanomachy in the course of
their shows. Due to their energetic, almost eccentric performance habits and the unusual thematic
orientation, the group around frontman Frederik Steiner provides goosebumps – and incidentally
also extremely catchy sing-along choruses.


Zeus, the thunderous frontman, commands the stage with his electrifying presence and a voice that echoes like rolling thunder. With a mane of lightning-streaked hair and a voice that crackles with divine energy, Zeus channels the power of the gods into epic metal anthems that shake the heavens. His lyrics, inspired by ancient myths and epic battles, transport audiences to a mythical realm where the gods themselves headbang in approval.

©Meike Clausen


Dionysus, the enigmatic guitarist, conjures a sonic celebration on stage with his intoxicating riffs and wild stage presence. Veiled in vines and draped in the chaos of revelry, Dionysus brings a primal energy to the band, infusing each chord with the spirit of ecstatic revelry. As the strings of his guitar dance like vines in the wind, Dionysus ensures that every performance is a hedonistic journey into the heart of metal mayhem.

©Meike Clausen


Ares, the relentless bassist, propels the band’s sound with an unyielding force that mirrors the ferocity of ancient battlefields. Clad in armor-like bass strings, Ares stands stoically on stage, commanding the rhythm section with the precision of a seasoned warrior. His thunderous basslines serve as the foundation for the band’s sonic onslaught, ensuring that each performance becomes a visceral and headbang-inducing battlefield experience for the audience.

©Meike Clausen


Hermes, the fleet-fingered keyboard virtuoso of the metal ensemble, elevates the band’s sound to ethereal heights with his lightning-fast melodies and otherworldly synth textures. With fingers that dance like winged messengers over the keys, Hermes brings a nimble and dynamic energy to the stage, effortlessly bridging the realms of myth and metal. His keyboard wizardry adds a celestial dimension to the music, creating an auditory journey that transcends mortal limits.

©Meike Clausen


Hades, the brooding guitarist, conjures dark and haunting melodies that echo through the depths of the sonic abyss. Adorned in shadows and wielding a guitar that seems to resonate with the whispers of lost souls, Hades unleashes ferocious solos that mirror the intensity of the underworld’s flames. His guitar mastery not only commands the stage but also guides listeners on a harrowing journey through the underworld, where every note is a descent into the depths of metal’s infernal allure.

©Meike Clausen


Hephaestus, the mighty drummer forging rhythms with the precision of a divine blacksmith, fuels the metallic heartbeat of Lords of Olympus. With each thunderous strike of the drumsticks, Hephaestus crafts a rhythmic symphony that resonates with the power of molten metal. As sparks fly from his drum kit, the god of craftsmanship becomes the rhythmic architect, forging the band’s sound into an unstoppable force of sonic mastery.

©Meike Clausen