Show Recap Nachtfrequenz Sennestadt

Armys of Sennestadt 🤘🏼

What a great night it’s been 🤘🏼
Our very first show was a great success and with your help we destroyed the troops of our enemy Kronos by far 🤘🏼

An honour to play alongside:
The Last Row (phenomenal voice)
RRR (overall fun show)
Chronically Happy (great songs and nice guys 🤘🏼)

Thanks a lot Tobi for inviting us and giving us a Chance

And thank all of you who were there for our epic show 🤘🏼
Carry onward our Name, this was just the beginning.
We’ll be back with new material and enough songs so we don’t have to play a song twice to please the crowd 🤘🏼😂😂

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