Show at rock on the beach contest 2023


You’re amazed, aren’t you? We are pleased to announce that we will be playing at the Rock on the Beach Contest 2023, alongside 7 other great bands!

Tickets are available directly from us, just write us a message here on Instagram! With every ticket sale you help us enormously, because whoever sells the most tickets gets to choose their time slot.

all other slots are drawn, so we can’t tell you in advance when we’ll play, but our fans like to see all the bands anyway, which you should do too!

As long as you vote for us in the end and we get to play on the legendary rock on the beach, we are happy!

Since we are unfortunately without a drummer at the moment, we are happy to welcome a real Bielefeld legend behind our drum set and to get a little help from him, can you guess who it is?

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